3 hours – starting with 950 €

8 hours – starting with 2200 €

(in addition there are possibly arising travel costs)

I'll celebrate your wedding especially if...
... you do your thing! You are detached from outside expectations. And completely realizing your wishes and ideas. Be it a colourful wedding dress, special outfits, a secret wedding ceremony just for the two of you, sneakers instead of fine shoes, your dog accompanying you at the wedding, a crazy motto party for your guests, or you want to do a bar-to-bar tour through the city ... Whatever it is. It is YOUR wedding. And you can arrange it the way you want it to be!

The perfect match! It's mainly you two. But also we, you as a couple and me should fit together. You should feel very comfortable. On the one hand with me as your photographer (the chemistry must be right - then the rest is a piece of cake!), and then also in front of the camera. I celebrate it when you forget that I take pictures. The most beautiful moments come when you feel free and completely yourself.


I like to work freely and intuitively. And I get involved with you. Every couple is different. Every wedding is different. So I try to go with it as best I can. In the end, to create the images that best express who and what you are.
I don't expect a forced smile in the camera and I don't go through classical poses with you step by step. I would rather have a super nice time together with you and we will create what you want to create.


I enjoy working with couples for whom booking the right photographer is more than just another item on the checklist. And more than just comparing prices. Because at the end of your wedding day, it's the pictures that stay. The value of your pictures will last, even far beyond your wedding date. And you deserve to have the right photographer at your side. And then also the pictures that you wish for.