Where are you from? Can you be booked anywhere in Germany or even abroad?
I am from Ludwigsburg. A nice town near Stuttgart - South Germany. Yes, you can book me for the whole area of Germany and also for foreign countries.

How much is it?

8 hours wedding photography starting at 2200 €.
3 hours for civil wedding starting at 950 €.
Please contact me and we can exchange how my photographic work and your budget will come together.

What happens if it rains on the wedding day?

In my opinion there is no bad weather. Even on a wedding day. So please don´t worry if it rains the whole day through. This can be very atmospheric. And honestly: Then my ambition and creativity is awakened to create especially beautiful moments for you. It´s my job dot find the right spot and have fun regardless of the weather.

Will you edit all photos?

I shoot in reportage style, that means I take pictures all the time. This results in a very high number of pictures. When it comes to editing, I do my best to select the most important captures of the day. Here you can trust me to filter out the best moments and create a special memory for you.

Which equipment do you use?

I shoot with the Canon 5D Mark III. At the moment my favourite lens is the 35mm 1.4. That´s what I use most of the time. For your appointment I also have a spare camera body, flash and other lenses with me.

For which periods can you be booked?
In the main season about 8 hours on saturdays are usual. It is also possible to book several days in a row. Feel free to simply ask for!
Do you also offer photo albums?

Oh yes! I love designing photo albums! You invested a lot of money in your pictures, so why let them waste away on a hard disk? They are your memories, moments that may last forever! Your pictures deserve to be seen and appreciated!

Is there a meeting before our wedding day?

Yes, absolutely! If you´re from the Stuttgart area, I´m really looking forward to meet you in person over a coffee. I fyou live further away, we will skype.

How long does it take until the pictures are ready?

I do my best to select and edit your pictures as soon as possible. Usually it takes 2 - 4 weeks.

Do you also offer Portrait, Babybelly or Family Shoots?

Yep! I do. I am always looking forward to your ideas, inquiries and suggestions!

What about your catering on the wedding day?

If I accompany you the whole day long photographically then I am of course happy if I get a place for dinner. It would be great to take a little break and have the pleasure to enjoy food & drinks together with your guests. (little note: I am vegetarian)

How long have you been photographing?
I startet in 2014, at this time as a hobby with food photography and a food blog. In 2016 then came the enthusiasm for wedding photography.

How many pictures are in a wedding package included?

It varies by the number of hours, depending on how long I accompany you. It´s important to me that all moments of the heart are captured and that you receive this lasting memory .

Do you give RAW unedited images?

No, as I believe that editing is half the magic and part of my work. And without this huge step the images are only halfway done.
You will receive your pictures edited, as jpg format and without watersign.

Do you also do beauty retouching / photoshop?

No. I am a big fan of authenticity, truthfulness and self-confidence. You are beautiful. Just as you are. I like to correct a disturbing hair, or an annoying confetti on the jacket (unless I like it). But I don´t do Beauty retouching as you know it from magazines.

How does it work with the payment?

In any case you will receive an invoice from me. For the wedding photography ther is a little amount as a deposit. The rest you pay only after your wedding. All the details and contents are anchored in a contract. So nothing can go wrong for both sides.
For couple shoots I do not make a deposit. You pay as you receive your invoice.

What if we have to postpone the wedding for any reason?

First of all: we stay in close contact. We are humans. We can talk about anything that happens. If the wedding should be postponed and the new date fits for me - GREAT!
If I can´t make it on the second date, I will keep the deposit as an expense allowance. For sure - in this case let me know if I can help you find another photographer for the new wedding date.

What happens if you can´t make it to our wedding?

I hope so much that this will never be the case. But if there are higher powers in the game (illness, accident, injury...) then I will give my best to find you another photographer as a replacement for me. A Photographyer I do trust and maybe someone who has a similar photography style as mine.

Do you give tipps on how to prepare for our wedding?

Yes, I like to pass on my knowledge, experience and connections. Especially when it coms to other service providers & vendors, I am happy to help you. Also I can give you advice for the course of the wedding and the important photographic moments.

Who takes care of your bookings for appointments abroad?
Besides the preparations you already ave with your wedding day, you don´t need to worry about my travel organisation. I lke to book my flight, transfer and overnight stays by myself. I prefer to travel simply, so that the costs for you are also as low as possible.

Do you have more questions?

No problem. Just send me a message or fill out the contact form!
Can´t wait to hear from you!