Hi! My name is Sonja.

I come from Ludwigsburg (which is near Stuttgart) – South Germany . As a photographer I work very freely, intuitively and from the gut. Capturing true emotions, laughing and having fun – that is what I like best. Feeling good is my first priority. Only in this way great things can happen.

If you can dive into the moment, let yourself fall into the arms of your loved one, close your eyes, whisper something into her / his ear and forget that there is another person (me with my camera)… I have done everything right, I guess.

Love and Life in all it´s different forms and shapes. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? I am looking forward to getting to know you!


my day

I get up quite early, drink my first coffee (with oat milk), go to training (Crossfit), at home again drink my second coffee, make myself a delicious breakfast, mostly porridge with banana, then I sit down at the computer and edit pictures, answer emails and do all the office work that comes up. This happens either at my home or in the studio.

I also love long walks in the nature, fresh air and the wind, trips to my brother’s wooden boat, sports photography, and cosy movie nights.